Tuesday, July 6, 2010

MA w/A, B, & C!

The last weekend in June I decided to take a much needed trip up to Massachusetts to see Anne, Brian, and their little girl, Cassie. Cassie is almost a year old and growing like a weed. It's so fun to watch her problem solve and talk and laugh! She is such a blast to be around. We just need to get her to say Aunt Shani ...

Since Anne has started running (she's kicking butt!) I have thought about how great it would be for us to run together, but since we live so far away we don't usually get an opportunity. Fortunately, there was a 5K race the weekend I visited her so we both signed up. I think I must have brought the heat from DC with me because it ended up being a very hot run. Anne still did great - she finished right at 30 minutes, I was a couple of minutes behind her. It was a strange course; the mile markers were small and a bit off their distance and the hills made it hard to keep track of where you were in relation to the finish line. But we all finished and I hope that we can run again together, maybe in DC!

I realize I'm not taking a lot of pictures anymore because I rely on other people (let's be honest, with better skills) to take them and post them on their blogs or Facebook. Brian took a few for us, thankfully, and Anne posted them on her blogs.

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