Friday, November 20, 2009

Movin' Out, Movin Up

There comes a time in a woman's life ...

Some times it's clear that things need to change ...

When one realizes that roads are diverging ...

Oh, what the heck, I moved out! The reasons are fairly simple - basically it was just time for me to have my own space. I lived with my former roommate for over two years, which is the longest I lived any where in ten years. I was getting restless and realized that it was negatively affecting my relationship with my landlord/roommate. I found a great place closer to my work with an awesome floorplan and decided to make the big move.

The new place is a 4th floor walk-up loft with a fireplace and balcony. I can have my dog, Diego, there, and it's gated with awesome amenities.

My only fear was getting all my furniture up to my new apartment and all those stairs! Enter Scott - my wonderful boyfriend (who has great guy friends!). We packed the UHaul last Friday night in four hours ... it's very odd seeing all your possessions fit in a box, by the way. And then Scott and his parents coordinated the big move the next day. The UHaul was unloaded in just under an hour! Thanks to Scott's friends and my friends for making it possible!

I can't wait to have everyone over once my place is set up.

Pictures to come once I find my camera :-)

Monday, November 2, 2009

I love Johnny Depp!!

"I mean... Edward Scissorhands ... I love Edward Scissorhands." This is what I kept on saying Saturday night, when Scott and I went out in Georgetown for Halloween. Coincidentally, he was dressed as the sharp-handed one himself. It was an amazing costume; he made it himself. He even won a prize - third place! (I still say he was robbed by the 1st place winner - Lady Gaga and a guy dressed as the MTV moonman).

We could not walk down the street without someone asking to take a picture with Scott. I felt like the girlfriend of a celebrity, it was pretty surreal. I was so proud of him though, he really did a great job!

Scott's Friday night costume - 1920's gangster, to my flapper

And for the record, I heart Scott more than Johnny. ;-)